Terms and Conditions

These terms, conditions and guidelines (“Terms”) are applicable to and govern the Max Bupa 'Walk for Health' (Event) organized and conducted by BENNETT, COLEMAN & CO. LTD ("BCCL") in association with Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited ("Max Bupa") as the main sponsors of the Event. By accessing this www.walkforhealth.in website ("Website") or participating in the Event you agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms. The said Event will be telecast (live/deferred) on BCCL’s English news channel 'Times Now’ ("Channel").

BCCL reserves the right to modify these Terms without any prior notification. You are advised to regularly review these Terms. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and any amendments thereto, you must not use this site/service.

Event Date

The Event is scheduled to take place on12th February, 2017 in Mumbai, 19th February, 2017 in Delhi & 26th February 2017 in Bengaluru (“Cities”). Any change in the Event schedule shall be updated on the Website. BCCL reserves the right to cancel the event without any prior notification. You are requested to view the Website for such updates relating to the Event.

How to Participate

  • 1. Fill in the Event registration form (“Form”) and accept the terms and conditions after logging on to the Website.
  • 2. You can register yourself and your friends, family members by filling up the said Form (“Participants”) by filling up the required details (“Entry”).
  • 3. Participants must submit their Entries only via the ‘Application Modes’ mentioned in this Website. Entries which are incomplete, unreadable or damaged may not be considered.
  • 4. No individual/group has been authorized to collect entry forms.
  • 5. Information against all mandatory fields prefixed with ''*' on the Form must be filled.
  • 6. The Participants (in case of minor Participants, their parents/guardian) hereby declare that all information provided by them are true and complete and that they will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the said information.
  • 7. Last date for submitting the registration Form is Day of the Walks.
  • 8. Participation in this Event is voluntary and is free and no charges, fees are required to be paid by the Participant’s for participating in the Event. Provided however, Participants agree that they shall at all times bear/incur (including their participating friends, family members, colleagues etc.) travelling/transportation costs for reaching/reporting at the Event venue and such expenses shall in no event be reimbursed by either BCCL or Max Bupa.

Who can Participate

Only the following individuals can participate in the Event:
  • 1. Participants who are physically fit to walk and who are not restricted from doing any physical activity and have not been advised by any medical practitioner to participate in the activities in the Event;
  • 2. Minors need to be accompanied by a Parent at the Max Bupa Walk for Health. Minors can only participate in the 2km walk with parents.

The Event

  • 1. The Event in all the three Cities shall be divided into two phases, viz., (a) two (2) kilometers walk and (b) five (5) kilometers walk.
  • 2. The Event venue and the starting and the ending points for both the phases will be communicated to the Participants by BCCL and/or Max Bupa. Refer to the website/facebook page
  • 3. BCCL and Max Bupa reserve the right to change the Event venue at anytime and such change shall be notified as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • 4. Participants are supposed to report at the Event venue at least one (1) hour before the starting of the Event.
  • 5. Participants are advised to avoid bringing their vehicles as neither BCCL nor Max Bupa have arranged for any parking space at the Event venue.
  • 6. Neither BCCL nor Max Bupa shall be responsible for any of the Participants' belongings. Baggage counters have not been provided at the Event venue and thus, Participants are advised to carry minimum required belongings.
  • 7. Participants agree that BCCL and Max Bupa reserve the right to restrict their entry at the Event venue at any time.
  • 8. Participants shall at all times carry their identity cards duly recognized by the Government of India.

No Liability

The Participants are aware that this Event comprises of physical activities and that the Participants would be deemed to have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions with respect to this Event. Participants agree that they are participating in the Event at their own will, risk and responsibility and that BCCL and/or Max Bupa shall not in any way be obligated or liable for any loss or costs that the Participants may suffer or incur and nothing is payable to the Participants for participating in the Event.

The Participants warrant that they are physically fit to participate in this Event and in case of any illness, injury or death caused to the Participants during the Event due to any medical condition (whether pre-existing, or not, or known or not) or due to force majeure event including but not limited to earthquake, fire, strike, terrorist attack, riot, commotion, neither BCCL nor Max Bupa, their respective directors, employees, affiliates, agents and representatives shall be held liable in any manner whatsoever.

The Participants further agree that BCCL and Max Bupa, their respective directors, employees, affiliates, agents and representatives shall in no manner whatsoever be responsible and/or be held liable for any damage, loss, expenses (including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential loss) arising/incurred from personal injury, death, mental trauma for any reason what so ever or loss of, or damage to property caused to the Participant or any party in connection with or by participating in the Event.

Intellectual Property Rights

By participating in the Event you grant BCCL and Max Bupa the royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, non-transferable, exclusive right in perpetuity to conduct interviews, shoot, record, take photographs with you jointly or severally, with any other Participant or person as required for the purpose of the promotion of the Event and/or use, permit to use the same and your information for any other multimedia activation/event which shall include trade publications, press releases, electronic posting to the Website, the BCCL web site, the Channel, Max Bupa websites, Max Bupa social network pages, any other media property or any display format selected, owned or controlled by BCCL and/or Max Bupa.

During the Event, Participants agree not to advertise or sell any products, services or otherwise (whether or not for profit), or solicit others (including, without limitation, solicitations for contributions or donations, or use your participation in the said Event for commercial purposes of any kind, or in any way that is unlawful, or harms BCCL’s or Max Bupa’s interests or any other person or entity, as determined by BCCL/Max Bupa, at its sole discretion, or use another person's name, likeness, voice, image or photograph or impersonate any person (including any celebrity, known personality) or entity or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity, or disrespect any national emblem, symbol, national flag or any other international emblem or symbol, or engage in any form of anti-social, anti-religious, defamatory, disrupting, or destructive acts during the Event. Any liability arising out of any act mentioned as above will solely be of the Participant. BCCL and Max Bupa do not take any responsibility of the same. BCCL/Max Bupa cannot and will not assure that other users are or will be complying with the foregoing rules or any other provisions of these Terms, and, as between the Participants and BCCL/Max Bupa, the Participants hereby assume all risk of harm or injury resulting from any such lack of compliance. By registering I authorize max bupa to contact me for their Product and Services. This will override registry on the DNCR.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The courts at New Delhi shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising out of this Event or relating to the use of the BCCL services for this Event.